Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ashes of Innocence by Alexandra Tesluk

The Ashes of Innocence is a story of Tesluk's struggle to find love and her father. Tesluk describes how her childhood and adolescent struggles lead her to overcome her fears and all she had been through. Tesluk tells readers of her abusive step-father tom and the torment he gave her. She also tells readers of her mother and sister and how she never really felt normal. This a truly meaningful read.

From page 1 to page 292 I never once felt bored or distracted by bad writing. This being the first book by Tesluk I have read I was very impressed by her deep and thought provoking style of writing. I think all young people should read this because it teaches us not to take who or what we have for granted because some would do anything for what we have. Tesluk's book is diffidently a powerful page turner and an intense story of finding love.


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I have this in my tbr pile. I need to get to it.