Monday, September 1, 2008

Summer Reading

hey Sorry I have not posted any reveiws latley I have had some Summer reading for my AP Lit class and have not really had any spare time but now that school is starting I will have time. The books I had to read were East of Eden and Waiting for the Barbarians. Both books were pretty good. I recomemnd them to you if you have time.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Far World Water Keep by J. Scott Savage

Marcus Kanenas is not your average 13 year old. The sad truth of his life is that he has been confined to a wheelchair all his life and was an orphan for as long as he can remember. Marcus had the ability not to be seen by anyone and I mean that literally. To escape his dreary existence he invented a place he could go in his dreams. A place where animals and trees spoke and he had Kyja. Marcus soon discovers The Dream place is Far World and its not so far away.

Far World was one of those book you just can't put down and you get in trouble while reading in class. I know I did. I loved this book from start to finish. The cast is entertaining and real. The main character Marcus grabs your attention and heart on page one. Savage has a way with moving from passage to passage smoothly and does not leave you angry at a sudden change of setting. This book is full of questions that I want answered, so I can't wait for book two in the Far World series.

The Strand Prophecy by Jeff, Brittany, and Brianna Winner

I am the reluctant harbinger, chosen as I am because of an accident and debt to which I am forever bound. I will fight Ignorance and arrogance, the hunters and the deceivers. I will bring darkness to those that would prey on innocents. My name is Strand.

This story of a modern day hero is a wonderfully written tale of good vs, Evil with a twist. The amazing thing about this book is the fact that it was written by two 11 year old girls and their father. The book was an adventurous read filled with action and conflict to keep readers at chairs end in anticipation. The Book was a very impressive piece of work. I recommend this book to any fans of fantasy/ sci-fi. I also recommend this to any young authors out there and hope that it will give you the push to write something great.

Monday, May 26, 2008

The Ashes of Innocence by Alexandra Tesluk

The Ashes of Innocence is a story of Tesluk's struggle to find love and her father. Tesluk describes how her childhood and adolescent struggles lead her to overcome her fears and all she had been through. Tesluk tells readers of her abusive step-father tom and the torment he gave her. She also tells readers of her mother and sister and how she never really felt normal. This a truly meaningful read.

From page 1 to page 292 I never once felt bored or distracted by bad writing. This being the first book by Tesluk I have read I was very impressed by her deep and thought provoking style of writing. I think all young people should read this because it teaches us not to take who or what we have for granted because some would do anything for what we have. Tesluk's book is diffidently a powerful page turner and an intense story of finding love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Why I Let My Hair Grow Out by Maryrose Wood

This book tells the story of 16 year old Morgan. Morgans boyfriend dumps her the day before summer break so the only logical thing to do is chop off all her hair and dye it orange. This sends her parents in to a frenzy. They decided to take control and send her to Ireland on a bicycle trip cross country. Morgan gets much more than she bargained for, a hot tour guided who just might be the perfect rebound boy, a boat load of mystical Irish tails, and a talking horse? Could things get any weirder, read to find out.

This book was awesome I really enjoyed it. I instantly got lost in her story telling abilities and felt like I could see Ireland as I was reading. The characters were likable and believable. You can easily relate to Morgan's problems without seeming like your in a soap opera. Morgans dialogue is comical yet sarcastic bringing you to a position in which you feel like you really know her.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Contest Winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello all. Thank you for all your entry's I got around 40. I am glad to say this contest was a success! It took me a Little longer to post this because I have been In Canada Well here are the names.............

1st place- The Compulsive Reader
this person wins the copy of serpents Coils and some Jewelry

2nd place - Allea she wins a copy of princess academy and some jewelry

you must contact me to get your prize. If you have not contacted me by 5-10-08 I will pick someone new.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

The Faerie Path by Frewin Jones

Anita is your typical ordinary girl, until. On Anita's 16th birthday she is pulled away from her world and into another, The Land of Faerie. Anita discovers that she is not Anita, but Tania the 7th and youngest daughter of Oberon and Titania, the King and Queen of Faerie. Tania discovers darkness, friendship, love, and deception all dwell around her in this new world. One problem Anita does not remember being Tania, the only clues she has are 7 strange sisters and brief flashes of her former life. To bad the fate of Faerie rest solely in her hands.

I really enjoyed this book, it was a great read. The only thing I did not like about the book was that it rushed the ending a little and that was a slight disappointment. I did however enjoy the characters and plot line a lot. I think Jones does and amazing job weaving a story that captivates all readers. Although it did not take me long to read I must say It was worth the time. I can't wait to read the next book, The Lost Queen, which is next on my reading list.