Tuesday, April 15, 2008

New Contest!!!

This month i will be giving away the first book in the Hallomere series. In The Serpent's Coils, by Tiffany Trent. The deadline for entry is May 1st, the winner will be announced shortly after. to enter just email me a theopinionedreader@gmail.com This is really a great book I encourage all of you to enter.

Don't you just love the cover art.


The Book Muncher said...

congrats on your first contest!!! whee!! i would enter, but i already have this book :D (it was signed by the author, squee!!). anywho, i posted a link to your contest under my list of contests. good luck with all!!

CarolBEE said...

Thanks for offering the contest!

Caffey said...

Oh I love all I looked up about this book, and too its a series! Love them! I emailed my entry :) Too it was great to visit here at your blog and looking forward to visiting more! I love to read anything romance, especially fantasy, paranormal and historical. I love reading anything set in historical!